Tomilola Abike

Tomilola Abike AbeBiography & Background

Ms Tomilola Abike Abe is a native of Ijesha Ekitu in Nigeria.

She is a graduate of Business & Finance at the South Bank University.

She started her working career as a member of Ground Staff with the Nigerian Airways between 1981-87, a promising job which she abandoned for the love of Acting and Drama.

She began her acting foray on stage in Nigeria before moving to the UK in 1989, where she confirmed her acting dominance with a lead role performance as the scintillating "Alero" in arguably the very first Nigerian home video in the UK "Abomination" released in 1994.

She has since performed in many other major films like:-

  • Kijiri War
  • Son of the Slave Parents
  • Ileri Ayo
  • Bolarin
  • This London Parts 1&3
  • London Landlord

to mention but a few.

Her flexibility as an actress breeds in her a strong flair for broadcasting.

She anchors "Call a Spade a Spade" on NaijaFM Online every Sunday, a programme she has handled since the inception of NaijaFM in 2000.

She has two lovely children.

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